Upcoming meetings 2017


Sell the Difference – Nothing happens until something is sold!
Thursday, October 19th, 7pm – 9.30pm
The Eagle & Child Pub, Staveley

In this workshop, Mary Rose Selman will help us explore how we feel about sales in general and how we overcome the “pushy salesperson” spectre that haunts us, or our sales teams!

Learn some simple facts about sales skills and understand that most people like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold.

Connect confidently with your business plan, be it sales of product or a service using the Selling Circle.

Mary Rose will help us identify what makes us different and thus stand out in the market place and find our unique sales style.


The Mercury Model with Helyn Connerr
Thursday, November 16th, 10am – 12pm
Windermere Works

Helyn’s presentation will introduce the Mercury Model with its focus on mental individuality.The truth is that we are all wired differently; we think and learn differently, we communicate differently, and if we miss this point we can totally miss each other too.
The Mercury Model can improve learning and kick-start mutually respectful communications with people of all ages, genders and cultures, on any topic, in any situation – from classrooms and living rooms, to boardrooms and bar rooms.
The morning will be personal, active, participatory and fun. You will never think about your mind in the same way again
www.MercuryModel.com     www.FaceBook.com/MercuryModel

About Helyn Connerr

A long-term member of LBN, Helyn Connerr, MSc, is no stranger to original research. She works at the interface of hard and soft science, mythic and archetypal themes, ancient astrological principles and the New Physics. The Mercury Model and Helyn’s two books (Learning Without Tears and Fish Can’t Climb Trees) are innovations from an unexpected direction.