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Part of what makes LBN special is that, as Women in Business, we come together to share our expertise and knowledge with each other in a friendly and supportive environment. To extend this facilitiy beyond our meetings we have introduced the LBN Members Blog.


Every LBN Member has the opportunity to write for the LBN Members Blog on business and topics that you believe would be of interest to LBN Members. If you have an article to be submitted please contact

Ask the Expert with Claire Steele

By Admin At November 15, 2018

  Social Media Image Sizes 2018 for Small Businesses by Claire Steele of Lil’ Creative Studio  Last updated – November 2018   […]

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Ask the Expert with Karen Bentley-Brown

By Admin At November 12, 2018

  Karen Bentley-Brown is an Ethical Business Development Consultant and is passionate about helping people to grow good business. For twenty years she […]

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Defining your ideal client

By LBN Editor At October 19, 2017

Regardless of whether we’re selling a product or a service we’re probably all aware that it’s important to know who it is […]

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5 ways to make your working week more productive

By LBN Editor At September 13, 2017

5 ways to make your working week more productive I don’t know about you but the past few weeks have lacked structure. […]

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TigerLily Trust – Winner of Fundraiser of the Year at the Your Health Heroes Awards 2016

By LBN Editor At April 12, 2016

  Val Isherwood founder of local charity Tigerlily Trust was overjoyed to be awarded Fundraiser of the Year at the Your Health […]

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Administration – fight the pile

By LBN Editor At February 5, 2016

Administration – not the most fascinating of subjects, but an important part of any business (or household for that matter). Never fear, […]

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Communicating with confidence by Sally Seed

By LBN Editor At October 2, 2015

Confident communication was always going to be a broad subject for the first LBN session of the Autumn and it became quite […]

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Why I joined LBN by Emma McColm

By LBN Editor At February 12, 2015

  I‘ve always known I’d move to Cumbria and away from the flatlands of Crosby, Liverpool. I remember looking at household average […]

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The Power of Silent Coaching

By LBN Editor At July 24, 2014

At a recent networking event I led a group through a silent coaching exercise.  Many found it useful, and I was asked […]

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The sweet smell of home

By LBN Editor At June 3, 2014

The sense of smell is truly an amazing thing. I have a very sensitive sense of smell, indeed I can’t walk through […]

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Overcoming the fear of failure – and success!

By LBN Editor At May 19, 2014

Sitting in the LBN committee meeting last week, we were all discussing possible changes to the website when our new Chair, Diane, […]

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Looking back – Looking forward

By LBN Editor At April 29, 2013

A review of LBN 2012 – 2013 from Co-Chairs Beth Curl and Zoë Dawes Thank you to everyone who came to our LBN  […]

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Help make our conference a success

By LBN Editor At February 15, 2012

We need you all to buy your tickets and help spread the word about our one day conference Get Set and Grow […]

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Welcome to the very first LBN Blog!!

By LBN Editor At February 15, 2012

Back in 2007 when I became chair of LBN for the first time, my mission then was to get the network onto […]

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