Strengths based people development

Strengths based people development through coaching 1:1, training and development or facilitation of groups. I work with a range of people from small businesses to larger corporate organisations from public, private and third sector.

I have been in the field of professional people development for more than 20 years.  My areas of expertise and passion are Leadership Development, Organisational Change, Coaching and Personal Effectiveness within organisations.

I have an empowering facilitation style, which comes from my first hand experience of people development and a recognition that we are all experts in our own field.  My work is successful as it deals with people’s beliefs and values not just their knowledge; if sustainable development is required people need to consider their mindsets as well as their behaviours.

I adopt a ‘high challenge-high support’ approach with participants and generate an engaging, reflective and achievement orientated learning environment.  Learning is experiential, thought provoking and fun, providing people with the ‘hands on’ opportunity to discover things themselves and with their peers, rather than merely bombarded with facts.


Contact Details:

Mobile: 07711624656