Who am I?

Some say I’m a little quirky, but I have an uncanny knack to look at things slightly differently, I love the human face. As a Creative Consultant and Commercial Photographer, I focus on positioning both the person and the brand. My areas of expertise include:



I have a real passion for capturing the best in a person and making the whole of the team seem very approachable. I’ve got a strong empathy for clients that don’t like being in photos… why do you think I’m this side of the camera?


Service and Exhibition Industry

Less is not more! I’d say this was the most important time for images as creating a strong visual presence is essential. Professional and entertaining can feature together.
I enjoy a challenge!



The right professional photography = credibility in an instant. I like the word engageable… even though it is not a word. It sums up the importance and why stock imagery is now considered a turn-off.

Outside of work, I love to dance, explore countries and different cultures. I like fine dining and quality wine but I’m equally fine kicking around a car boot sale.

Contact Details

Email: vic@victoriasedgwick.com