The Quirky Coach   


Do you want to change the way you live or work? Need to do something different? Get more balance in your daily routine? Struggling to find a solution to a knotty problem? Coaching with me gets RESULTS in a way that works for YOU. I offer 1-1sessions, coaching packages and group coaching as well as Walk n Talk sessions and Coaching with the Cards. Coaching with me helps:

  • Get more focus and use time more efficiently
  • Solve problems aligned with values and ethics
  • Balance work and play and be more successful
  • Develop a personal leadership style
  • Create the life you were meant to live

I give talks on a wide range of business, life and travel-related topics and am an avid user of Social Media. Find me on Twitter @thequirkycoach, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Zoë offers LBN members 10% off all services including Coaching Packages, Professional Development, Blogging, Social Media and Writing Skills.


Contact Details:


Telephone: 01524 735715

Mobile: 07810 082311