Jo Evans


At Bespokearoma I offer treatments which target client’s personal needs and priorities, whether it is blending a personal essential oil synergy for an aromatherapy massage, soothing aching tired muscles through a Swedish Massage or helping to ease tension headaches through an Indian Head Massage. Bespokearoma was set up in the Lake District to provide a truly bespoke aromatherapy treatment where the client’s blend is created purely for them. All essential oils have a range of special properties and when they are blended together they can help to calm, relax, rebalance, uplift and stimulate. I work with around 40 different oils to ensure that the blend is tailor made. But it isn’t just about Aromatherapy. The benefits of Swedish Massage on your muscles and body systems and the amazing feeling you get from an Indian Head Massage are also offered at Bespokearoma.

Contact Details:

Telephone: 07782 329903