Sue Cox

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People Development Specialist, Founder of Ballroom2Boardroom, Speaker

Effective relationships are at the heart of personal and organisational success. Whether your need is to inspire and engage, to manage your team, or simply to get your ideas heard, we are all leaders and followers, building relationships and communicating to create the ‘dance’ together. I can help you improve yours.


  • I help individuals, teams and organisations be more conscious, effective and happy in what they do.
  • I develop people, as leaders, change agents and team members.
  • I work with businesses and organisations throughout the UK
  • I support local groups, community initiatives, transition projects and businesses in Cumbria in order to strengthen services and build a sustainable, resilient, local economy.

I offer

Leadership and team development

Myers Briggs profiling

Conference keynotes and workshops

Ballroom2Boardroom. Helping your organisation ‘dance’

“Wonderful session. It made me think creatively about the most important lessons in Leadership”

Joy Carter, Vice Chancellor, Winchester University

This unique workshop shares practical insights from Argentine tango to improve your organisational ‘dance’ – increasing collaboration, creativity and performance.
Watch my My TEDx talk here, described as a “must watch” by Clive Wilson, author of ‘Designing the Purposeful Organisation’

Contact Details

Landline: 01539 741946

Mobile: 07879 560260