Zohar Hartley



Aetiart Alexander Technique / Art

Helping you find ease in yourself and beauty in your surroundings 

Alexander Technique

Move from a state of contraction to a state of expansion to find ease, lightness and joy.

When you want:

  • Ease performing daily activities
  • Improvement in conditions like back pain
  • Deep level personal and structural change, beyond symptom relief

I can help you.
“Zohar guides you with her hands and voice to a better understanding of yourself, leaving you feeling energised and inspired.” (Graeme Longden, client)


The greatest gift you can give yourself is a work of art that reflects who you truly are.


  • an inspiring greeting card
  • a framed picture
  • a quirky cushion and a sumptuous throw
  • a commissioned hand-woven wall hanging
  • a creative course to share with colleagues and clients


  • reflect the ethos of your business and you style at home
  • say something about you to inspire your clients, friends and family.

“I love it! My clients love it! Wouldn’t be without it!… the colours and different textures create for me, a real sense of calm and I get a great pleasure glancing at it whilst working or simply just enjoying the fun of it!…” (Monica Dare Pilates Instructor)

Contact Details:

3 Low Kirkbarrow Lane
Email: zohar@aetiart.com
Telephone: 01539 731401
Website: http://www.aetiart.com