Financial Planning

Financial Planning is something many of us don’t think about. More often than not, it is assigned to the ‘do later pile’ and forgotten. Liz Beavis from FMB introduced us to the way they approach Financial Planning and I can tell you it was anything but boring. From the start Liz asked us what our life goals were to incentivise us to look at our money in a new way… and it worked 🙂


So what does Financial Planning involve?


1. Budgeting

Allocate your spending into two columns, essential and discretionary.


2. Financial Protection

Consider Income Protection and Life Insurance.


3. Retirement Planning

With many of us working well into later life consider this as Financial Freedom. What do you need to do to be free of financial constrains at any age?


4. Tax Tips

Be aware of what tax benefits you are eligible for.


5. Keep Track!

Don’t bury your head in the sand – stay on top of what is going on.


Liz and the FMB team are available for a free consultation on how they could help you. If you would like to speak to Liz you can contact her at 01539 725855 or to find out more about FMB visit

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