A J Lakes Consultancy

Business Consultancy who specialising in the Hospitality and Tourism industry, covering the North of England, helping businesses grow. Working with a range of businesses and organisations helping to bring organisational structure, budgeting, forecasting and control. Introducing strategies to improve the business and organisation turnover, profit margins and brand awareness with exposure through sales and marketing, training and developing the team to use the tools of the trade to be consistently successful ensuring the business is future proofed.


You can choose to have the following:

  1. A diagnostic Action Plan of your business needs
  2. The above (1) plus training and follow up to ensure you achieve your desired results.
  3. The above (1&2) plus I work alongside you to ensure you reach the desired results quicker including back up support by telephone or email.


Contact Details


T: 07947741528

E: alison@ajlakes.com

W: www.ajlakes.com