A Thinking Hand

Whether you are a well-established small business or you have a new venture idea, I can help you in the following ways::

BRONZE: Offload your admin.
I can manage your admin and help you keep on top of your paperwork.

SILVER: Get organised and effective.
I can help you design and set up your business / work processes, ensuring that you are operating as efficiently as possible.

GOLD: Clarify your way forward.
I can help you think through your vision and direction, making sure that it is viable and right for you.

I have a passion for helping people focus on what they really want to be doing. I use my 20 years of business knowledge and experience to support people who are making their ideas a reality either by starting a new venture or simply by aligning a current role with a desired way of working.

I work by the hour and can help you on a regular, one-off or every-so-often basis.


Phone: 07771 662432