Lil’ Creative Studio

Lil’ Creative Studio is a multi-disciplinary Graphic & Digital Design Studio based in the South Lakes.  I specialise in design for  Print, Web, Identity & Display.

There are two core values at the heart of my businesses.

I am an Information Designer.  In today’s world, we are constantly oversaturated by data.  For your business to have an impact it must be ‘easy to find’, ‘simple to use’ and above all ‘easily understandable’.  Information Design is not about creating a beautiful project, it is finding the right way to design and deliver your information.

I believe in Sustainability.  There are three types of sustainability; environmental, economic and social.  For any problem to be solved all three pillars must be in harmony.  And because of this Lil’ Creative Studio are advocates for the Slow Living Movement: we all need…. to take time….to connect with our communities… and to take care of our world.


Contact Details:

Mobile: 07760 471 443
Tel: 01229 889688