Vie’s – Gourmet Gluten-Free Rum Cakes


What’s the connection between slavery, endometriosis and cake?
And whilst we’re at it, let’s add Jamaica and Cumbria to the mix!
The answer is: Vie’s Gourmet Gluten-Free Rum Cakes!

  • Vie was my mother.
  • Vie was born in Jamaica.
  • Vie was a descendant of slaves.
  • Vie was also very well-know for her delicious cakes which were delicately infused with rum.

In 2019, I left France which had been my home since 1998 and the corporate training company I’d created in Paris in 2008. I moved to the stunning Lake District which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Cumbria (north-west England). Several months after arriving here, I was inspired to create a social enterprise selling rum cakes based on my Mum’s recipe, making them gluten-free and using the profits to support women and girls who suffer from endometriosis, like myself.

The icing on the cake was that when I spoke to The Rum Story in Whitehaven, Cumbria about my idea, they agreed to let me use their rum for my project and sell my cakes in their shop! The Rum Story attraction offers a deeply moving, and informative exhibition which honours the memory of African slaves who were sent to the Caribbean to build the rum industry.

Through Vie’s, I not only aim to create an exceptional cake experience. I also want to tell the story of Cumbria’s links with the slave trade and by doing so, honour the memory of the slaves without whom there would be no rum.

Vie’s is also about raising awareness regarding endometriosis and sharing the alternatives to managing pain that I’ve discovered over the years with women and girls, particularly in Cumbria and Jamaica.

Above all, Vie’s is about honouring the memory of my Jamaican Mother without whom there would be no cakes…and no me.

“My mum’s real name was Agnes Viola but my dad used to call her Vie (as in pie). However, after spending 20 years in France and the French West Indies, when I see ‘Vie’ I see the French for ‘Life’…’La Vie est belle !’ (Life is beautiful)” Elaine Rémy, Vie’s 5th daughter 


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