Astro Innovation


… draws upon the ancient astrological database, mythological/archetypal patterns, and the New Physics to empower through insights and new perspectives on your life – and to make practical sense of today’s complex issues.


Individual Sessions


Personal Consultations – a deep dive into your psyche, this in-depth approach reveals the core issues of your life, your strengths, talents and capabilities, your long and short-term learning lessons, your purpose and highest potential. I like to discuss conscious choice and practical, helpful strategies, current challenges and areas of growth.


Further personal work includes


Follow-Ups, Solar Return charts and the highly focused Core Issues consultations.
Relationship-based chart comparisons are available for couples, families and work teams. They look at how we push each other’s buttons.

And on a lighter note, introductory level sessions ‘astrological readings’ which take the big picture and ‘Astro Travel Destinations’, explorations of a particular component of one’s nature, make ideal gifts – for yourself or another.


Group activities


ASTROLOGY CLASSES – the ancient art/science of ‘Stellarscription’ is available for beginners as astrological literacy, and ongoing lessons for serious enthusiasts

The Practical Astrology WORKSHOP Series – active and participatory, conveying serious topics in light-hearted ways, using costumes, props, drama, discussion, art, music, humour and always focusing on our own authentic qualities, for professional or personal development.


The Mercury Model™


A new and original cognitive model for the 21st Century, the Mercury Model focuses on mental uniqueness. It easily identifies and accurately describes how our individual minds tick. It can improve learning and kick-start mutually respectful communication with people of all ages, both genders, from any culture, on any topic, in any situation – from classrooms and living rooms to boardrooms and bar rooms.

LEARNING WITHOUT TEARS (2008 Watkins Publishers, London), written for parents about the terrain of children’s minds, is the biggest step forward in communication since the invention of language. (Also published by Sunnbook in China, September 2017)

FISH CAN’T CLIMB TREES (2016 Watkins Publishers, London) written for minds of all ages, this is bursting with studies and stories written by and about real people who use the Mercury Model in all walks of life.


Contact Details:

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