Reflex Orthopeadic Massage

Pain can affect us all and for many reasons – arthritis, sciatica, nerve pain – or maybe from a sports injury or condition like fibromyalgia. It may be sudden and acute or persistent and chronic; either way pain can be debilitating and reduce your ability to function normally.

Orthopaedic Massage involves making a thorough functional assessment and devising a treatment plan which may include:

  • Pain Education
  • Soft-tissue manipulation (massage)
  • Joint mobilisations using gentle techniques
  • Nerve assessment & rehabilitation
  • Intrasound
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Exercises
  • Rehabilitation advice.

I have found an approach which works well with particularly complex conditions, combining hands-on techniques with Pain Education – taking the mystery and anxiety out of pain, answering some of the questions which are often overlooked. These questions often hold back someone’s ability to return to healthy function – how much is too much? How do I know if I’m making it worse? Why does it hurt when I do…? When should I return to normal activities?

My clinics operate in Tebay and Wensleydale throughout the week.


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