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Hi, I’m Jo Lade, and my first love is my massage practice – REflex Orthopaedic Massage which I have run in Cumbria and North Yorkshire for nearly 15 years. I work with people with chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions – things like sciatica, sprains, strains, back pain & arthritis and I LOVE what I do! Every day is different, every patient is different, and there are learning opportunities everywhere I look! There’s a link above to take you to my website to find out more, and I also have a Facebook page Reflex Orthopaedic Massage where I regularly post vlogs on all sorts of topics – ‘Knee pain’, ‘Active Recovery’, ‘Can you still Work & Recover from Injury?’, ‘Which treatment for knee pain’ for starters.

This year I have developed a new business called LOGiC Pain Education because I also LOVE talking about pain! Through my massage practice I have nurtured a curiosity about pain – why is it so different for everyone? How can you have pain once something has healed? What DOES pain really mean? Can you learn to manage pain better? My Facebook page LOGiC Pain Education has loads of fascinating & informative vlogs on too like ‘Does Pain always mean we’ve hurt Ourselves?’, ‘The Great Pain Ambush!’, ‘Reoccurring Injuries – don’t go round in circles!’.

Over the past 5 years I’ve read a lot of research, done some courses and basically got myself up to speed with the latest developments in Pain Science and Pain Biology. I am by no means a know-it-all though and the field is evolving all the time – I’m not afraid to admit that what I used to believe and say 15 years ago is frankly wrong in the light of our new understanding about pain! I am a firm believer that EVERYONE needs to know this stuff! I see in my massage clinics the difference it makes to people when they understand their body better – it’s no exaggeration to say that it changes people’s lives.

Pain Education is not just for people in pain – it is for YOU, for BUSINESS and for LIFE! The skills and knowledge you will gain will last you your lifetime and beyond – I know that people want to pass it on because they immediately see the value in understanding their body better and want to share it with family and friends! What’s not to like?!?

There are currently 5 ways you can learn about pain with me:

  1. Book a 1-2-1 session for Pain Education tailored to your exact needs – these would roll out as 1-hour sessions over several weeks, as needed.
  2. Come along to a Pain & Injury Drop-In session – these are hosted in various places & the best way to find out about when & where they are happening is to like and follow my Facebook page – LOGiC Pain Education. They vary from 30 minutes to 1-hour sessions and you will learn the basics about what pain really is all about and what happens to your tissues after injury.
  3. Book yourself on to one of my full day Pain & Injury Workshops – these are rolling out throughout 2019 in Cumbria and North Yorkshire – again my Facebook page is the best way to keep informed about when and where. The next one is scheduled for Saturday 9th February and being held at the beautiful Aske Stables, near Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 5HJ. During the day we explore the subjects of Pain, Injuries & Tissue Healing and Pain Medication in great depth.
  4. Talk to me about bringing a Workshop into your workplace. Despite our efforts within Health & Safety Legislation to provide training on manual handling, ergonomics and safe lifting policies, millions of working days are lost every year to musculoskeletal problems. Pain is far more complex than simply telling people what to do and expecting that to be enough. People need to know what to do when the worst case happens, and they wake up with pain or sustain an injury. Why? Simply because what you believe and what you do strongly impacts your symptoms and how disabling your condition is.
  5. Another alternative is to get a group of like-minded people together and I can tailor a full or half day Workshop around you. You may be part of a sports club or team or just a group of curious individuals who want to know how to live in their body better!

My Pain & Injury Workshops are portable & adaptable, and the content can be delivered in a wide range of settings – I just need chairs, a few tables, a wall and a projector and we’re off!

So, whether you have an injury and need some treatment and practical help or would love to know more about your body and want to be able to read the signals it gives you – get in touch!

My email is, or you can pick up the phone: 07975 999373 – remember I LOVE talking about pain – no question is a silly question and I guarantee you will learn fascinating and useful stuff you never knew you needed to know!

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