Shed 1 Distillery Launch new Chuckleberry Gin

Chuckleberry Gin is our latest creation and will be the first of a range of bathtub gins.

Made with Chuckleberries, they are a real thing!, a hybrid berry incorporating a gooseberry, redcurrant and jostaberry (which is a mix of gooseberry and blackcurrant). It has a unique tart sweetness which we’ve complemented with the hd erby notes of Meadowsweet and Hyssop.

It’s all natural botanicals in our Chuckleberry Gin with no colourings added*, by not distilling we keep the beautifully vibrant colour of the chuckleberries. 40%abv

To serve:
We created Chuckleberry Gin with tonic in mind and the perfect serve would be a classic one: 1 part gin, to 3 parts tonic (Fever Tree Premium is our choice) and a couple of ice cubes. No garnish needed.

*If your Chuckleberry is a little cloudy (esters) it just means it’s been stored in cold temperatures. This also shows that the gin is natural and crafted, NOT mass-produced under factory conditions.  If we were to pump it through plate filters after refrigerating (chill-filtration) the cloudiness would be removed, but so would some flavour and mouthfeel.
Just give the bottle a good shake.

Chuckleberry, because laughter is the best medicine!

‘Am very, very lucky to say I have tried this gin. It is completely fabulous. The name is bright, colourful and light, but the gin is so much more. Dry, complex and very refreshing, this is a superb addition to an already impressive range. 10/10 👏👏👏’ M. Miles-Moore

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