The sweet smell of home

The sense of smell is truly an amazing thing. I have a very sensitive sense of smell, indeed I can’t walk through a perfume section of a department store without getting a headache. So what have I ended up training in? Aromatherapy! I find the whole subject fascinating, how essential oils can work with each other to create wonderful healing synergies. Many of us have strong memories related to smells and that made me think about some of the travels I have had and what aromas evoke memories of those places and the people I was with.

Lefkada makes me think of the villa we stayed in. The pagodas that surrounded the house and the pool hung heavy with large red and pink blooms which smelt heavenly in the evening. To sit there with a glass of wine relaxing after a hard day soaking up the sun was bliss. I can also remember the wonderful smell of suntan lotion on the warm breeze. You really know you are on holiday when you can close your eyes and smell that coconut aroma!

With Cornwall I can remember two very distinct aromas. Firstly, and predominantly, salt. That gorgeous salty air aroma of harbours mixed with the smell of the days catch makes me think of the wonderful strolls I have had there as well as the people watching whilst sitting on a harbour wall with a refreshing ice cream. The other aroma, and it is one of my all-time favourite smells, is warm scones. I cannot resist that smell and my obsession with cream teas is a constant source of amusement to my husband!

sweet smell 3

And what about the Lake District? Before relocating I had been visiting the lakes for about 12 years and every time I made the journey north on the M6 I would look forward to the sight of the fells and, more importantly, the smell of the Lake District. I can only describe it as ‘wholesome’. There is a fresh, clean, natural smell to the Lakes that always makes me feel content, which is probably why I now live here. And to be honest, I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be!

sweet smell 2

So I guess that my fond memories evoked by smells and aromas may have naturally led me to an interest in Aromatherapy. Mixing blends for my clients is always a joy and when I get it just right the results are very effective.

Jo Evans runs Bespokearoma, providing a truly bespoke aromatherapy treatment to clients in the Lake District area.


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  • Danielle Hone Reply

    You are so right about how evocative smell is – positively or negatively ( I share your dislike of the department store perfume counters!). For me, I love the smell of rose and especially rose geranium which makes me relax even just thinking about it. Oh, and Oil of Ulay (or Oley I think it’s called now) which makes me think of my nan. How lovely that you have been able to use your love of smell in your work to make others happy.

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