Time Management


Time is our most precious commodity; unlike money or possessions, if we lose it, there’s no hope of getting it back. So, we need to use it wisely and protect it!


Here are some top tips to help:


1. Make a great plan! 

It’s boring but it’s crucial in order to avoid running into crisis after crisis. Set CLEAR goals; know exactly WHAT the aim is, exactly WHEN it needs to be done and be absolutely sure of exactly WHY you are doing it. Is it urgent, is it important?

Create schedules for each Month, Week and Day – with priorities.

Don’t try and eat a whole elephant at once, break it down into chunks! Identify the Enablers and get them into your schedule.


2. Get your rocks in!

Identify those tasks that are most important, that cannot be missed or rearranged. Make sure that you get those into your schedule before you start filling it with pebbles and sand.


3. Deal with your frogs!

Don’t put off those tasks, conversations or meetings that you dread. They don’t go away, they just sit there, looking at you, making background noises that drain your energy, concentration and emotions. Get them off you plate and free up your mind!


4. Become a Monkey Management Specialist

Monkeys are tasks/problems, practical, emotional or material that love to clamber from shoulder to shoulder. Make sure that you are not a compulsive Monkey Picker-Upper. Know which tasks are your and only deal with what only you can deal with. Be wary of the CYJ Brigade; you know them, the ones that say “could you just…”

5. Be confident in saying NO

Don’t be rushed to agree to doing something. Should you be doing it? Do you have the time and motivation? Will it push you to a crisis point? Be firm about saying no when necessary.

You may have to decline several times before the person hears you. It is not necessary to come up with a new explanation each time, just repeat your “no” and your original reason for declining.

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6. Be honest with yourself!

Are your systems, communication skills, social media addictions, and ability to be distracted, robbing you of your precious time? If so, sort your systems, communicate effectively, put the phone down and focus!

Time is so precious, so use it wisely. Time invested in planning is not wasted – it reaps dividends!


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