Using LinkedIn to attract new customers

LinkedIn is the biggest business database in the world. We should use it like one giant networking event. It has the highest visit to lead conversion rate of any Social Media platform.

Jackie Harris is an experienced marketing consultant who has worked with some the world’s largest brands. You can read more about her at

Watch Jackie’s Talk for LBN on Using LinkedIn to attract new customers. Password is LBNmeeting



Jackie’s top words of wisdom were *The power of LinkedIn is in the individual profile*. It’s all about you, what you have to offer, and what you have to say. Don’t do the hard sell, make your Linkedin profile approachable, and you will attract the people you want to connect with.


Your linked in TO DO list:

1. Revamp your Profile
2. Be clear on who you want to connect with
3. Be clear on what you are trying to achieve
4. Post something original most days
5. Comment on and share the content of others
6. Reply to people who comment on your posts
7. Create an article everyone month.

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