Welcome to the very first LBN Blog!!

Back in 2007 when I became chair of LBN for the first time, my mission then was to get the network onto it’s first website, with the help of Lancaster University and Lucy Barden this was done. At the time it was state of the art, however over the years with several administrators it has gradually creaked and groaned to a virtual standstill. So this year with huge amounts of work from Zoë Dawes, Gemma Jackson, Phil Meades from Trilithon Ltd and Pete Walker from Parkside Computers. We have been updated to this brand new all singing and dancing (well almost!) new website and I LOVE IT. So a BIG thank you to them, from us all. It’s up to us now to keep it interesting, so bring in your news, blog away, tell us what you’re doing, what you need and how other people can help you achieve your dream.

Hilary, LBN Chair

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